Ep 5. Taisa & Ernesto | @overlandtheamericas

July 18, 2015 - After three years of careful planning and saving, Taisa and Ernesto loaded into their Toyota 4Runner and pointed the car south. They didn't know how long they would be gone or where exactly they would stop along the way, but they knew they wanted to go to all 23 countries as they traversed across Central and South America in Sooty - their Toyota 4Runner named after the Sooty Shearwater bird that migrates up to 40,000 miles a year.

These lovebirds met in 2002 when Taisa was studying abroad in Ernesto's hometown in Venezuala.  After they got married, as they do, the realities of real life fully kicked in. Taisa was an ecologist dedicated to waste management and Ernesto was working 60+ hour weeks as a graphic designer, but they were both craving more nature than the weekend was providing. 

Vanlife and Overlanding are depicted in a variety of ways on social media, some good, some not so good,  and some absolutely incredible. Taisa and Ernesto's account, @overlandtheamericas falls into the incredible category. And, It made us wonder, what goes into to creating and building a beautiful travel-blog? Their account is visually flawless and will inspire anyone to get out on the open road. We also were excited to tap into Taisa's waste management expertise.  Unfortunately, all of the locations depicted online are not necessarily picture perfect in reality. A problem very near and dear to our hearts is the massive environmental waste & disposal problem most developing countries struggle with- trash is everywhere.

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.