Ep 7. Mel & Sofie | @adventurewithautism

Melanie Cowpland has traveled the world her entire life and wanted to give her daughter, Sofie, a similar childhood.  She thought the dream was lost when Sofie suddenly became very afraid of the world around her and only agreed to leave the house for a weekly pilgrimage to McDonalds. At age 4, she was diagnosed with Autism and the answer became obvious to Mel. Buy a motorbike, attach a sidecar to it, and spend a year traversing Europe & Africa teaching her daughter real-world life skills. Does Mel prove the old saying right, a mom knows best? Listen to find out.

If your child has autism or you would like to know more, please connect with a local autism organization near you. Mel also encourages parents of recently diagnosed children to find a local parent group for the best information, resources and most importantly, support.

Instagram | @adventureswithautism

Website | www. adventurewithautism.org