Ep 6. Ian Dow | @vanlife_ian_dow_travels

The sight of an ambulance often induces a sense of anxiety or fear in most people, but Ian is not like most people. He took an auctioned ambulance on ebay and turned it into a stunning modern apartment on wheels with details like subway tile back splashes, tiek floors, and a rooftop deck. We dive into his experience building out a luxury rig, but also his experience as a single guy on the road. How do you get a girl to come back to an…ambulance? 

We met Ian at our favorite surf spot in Mexico, sorry, it’s a secret location :)  He is a charismatic guy with a lot of stories behind him. He’s been living on the road on and off for over 10 years and we were intrigued by his design-first approach. His rig induced a lot of envy in Megan and made us both realize that living on the road doesn’t have to feel like “roughing it”. In fact, the more familiar you make it, the longer you are likely to last.

We hope you enjoy our discussion with Ian as much as we did!