Ep 4. Isaac London | @awarenessonwheels

Isaac London took to the road, alone, on his Suzuki DR650 to raise awareness on an issue likely on a lot of people's mind right now, mental illness. After being diagnosed with severe depression and losing a few classmates to suicide he felt compelled to try and normalize the conversation. New Zealand, Isaac's home country, has one of the highest teenage suicide rates in the world and it predominantly affects young males. In Isaac's opinion, if one guy could relate to his story and it could help change the far too common outcome, then it was worth doing.

We met Isaac at one of our favorite camp spots in Peru. We typically try and offer anyone who camps next to us a cold beer upon their arrival, but Isaac was the first to turn it down. He had been sober since the beginning of his trip because he was practicing life without his go-to scapegoats - alcohol and drugs. After Isaac quickly dismissed the sheepish apologies Nick and I offered, he began to tell us his story. He jokes that his Instagram is not the picture-perfect travel journal, it's a reflection on the gritty realities of dealing with depression with a really scenic view.

When you listen to this episode you'll understand why we were drawn to Isaac - he's charming, well-spoken, and offers insightful reflections about a disease so many of us just don't understand.